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Cutco knives are the best. Just got the ones I purchased in the early 70's back from sharpening and I need stock in Band aids. I ordered a cut glove today to help keep my hands safe.

Cutco makes our knives out of Grade 440A Stainless Steel. Then, we heat temper our blades to make them stronger. The grade of steel and proper tempering are two of the many ways we ensure Cutco always makes the best knives. :-) Sarah Rose von Tettenborn Call/Text: 403-392-1788 Email: Web: Pinterest: @von_tettenbornc Instagram: sarah_rose_von_tettenborn

Heirloom Quality Knives Built to Last Generations! Sarah Rose von Tettenborn Call/Text: 403-392-1788 Web: Web: Pinterest: @von_Tettenbornc Instagram: sarah_rose_von_tettenborn #cutco, #cutco_at_home, #cutco_enthusiasm

Signature Set with Block

Ultimate Set with Block

Cutco Kitchen Knives I want I want.. oh did i mention I WANT THIS SET!... PS ADD ICECREAM SCOOP TO SET...

Essentials + 5 Set with Block

Cutco knives with pearl handles. Dream to have a set of Cutco. #LGLimitlessDesign & #Contest