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im on Week2 /Day 2  in love, do it!

30 day fat loss and conditioning program by body rock tv

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30 Day Squat, Crunch and Plank Challenge

30 dagen plank challenge

Complete the 30 Day Plank Challenge this month and get fit and healthy in only 30 days. The 30 day plank challenge is great for boosting core strength.

full body circuit workout with a description of horizontal vs vertical circuits

Full Body Circuit Workout

Want a head start on getting ready to wear your LBD at the office Christmas party? Or just really preparing for that beach body? Either way, follow this challenge, and you’ll have a better body in one month. With this challenge, if you start on the 1st you will get Fridays off. If you choose ...

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good idea

(I found a bunch of challenges for march, and combined I think they make great additions to any workout plan! Find a way to fit them into your schedule, you won't regret it!) Dooney, Gore Barker lets do this!

30-Day Exercise Challenge that I will do for the end of my 90 day challenge

30 Day Exercise Challenge

Great Body In 30 Days With This Full Body Challenge

30 Day Squat, Push-up, Plank, Wall Sit, and Crunch Challenge

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30 Day Timetable from bodyrock.tv 30 day challenge.  Right now I am a week behind due to being sick but I plan on going back and doing all of the ones I missed.

May 30 Day Challenge - Calendar The 30 Day Timetable: *you complete all the tasks on each day - everything will be included in the daily post you need to complete each workout - so just check in everyday* www.