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How August Wilson brought a century of black American culture to the stage.

August Wilson: Your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel. #AugustWilson #HumanNote

I have always luv'd the words of August Wilson. American Masters – August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand is an incredible story of this extraordinary Tony- and Pulitzer-winning playwright's life.

A silent film made in 1925 by the Federation of British Industry. This film was one of a series illustrating industrial life and it highlighted the Press's work to audiences around the world. Film courtesy of the Oxford University Press Archive: http://www.oup.com/uk/archives/ Learn more about the History of Oxford University Press: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780198702795.do (c) Confederation of British Industry. Used with permission by Oxford University Press. Music credits: ...

A silent film made in illustrating industrial life and highlighted OUP's work to audiences around the world. (Video: Confederation of British Industry. Used with permission by OUP.

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Listen: August Wilson's American Century Cycle

Check out a month long reading of the plays of August Wilson, from - in The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space located at 44 Charlton Street, New York City.

Oxford Dictionary was written mostly by a serial killer. Just goes to show even crazy people have proper literature.

A major contributor of the Oxford English Dictionary was an American murderer named William Chester Minor while he was in a mental institution.

Denzel Washington in August Wilsons FENCES

A "Tip of our backward-wearing Kangol" to Terrence Spivey , Artistic Director of Cleveland's Karamu House for this great multi-media link t.

True Colors Theatre

A one-on-one conversation with Actor Eugene Lee who will bring August Wilson's one-man show "How I Learned What I Learned" to life for our season.