DIY Clothes DIY Refashion: DIY Bleached Ombre Shirt

Here's a simple DIY I did a while ago on how to bleach-ombre our shirt.

Ombré Dyeing | Rit Dye  Used this and the tablecloth DIY guide to dye our tablecloth.  Used the approximate times and dye method from other tutorial but got some great tips from here too.

this Ombré Dyeing technique from Rit Dye could just be the inspiration for a beautiful piece of beaded jewelry.

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13 DIY Clothing Refashion Ideas with Picture Instructions - great for making fun workout shirts :)

I have included four pictorials on how to use a scarf to create a crop top, vest, skirt or part of a dress. I personally would like to try to create the vest. Which one do you think is the most cre…

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Top 10 DIY Clothing Tutorials - featuring adding a lace overlay to your convertible dress! Think white dress black lace shawl. or maybe the other way around!

Cute! Need to learn how to do this (:

16 DIY Crafts to Warm You in Winter

XL men's sweatshirt into a comfy cardigan. I've been wanting to go to the thrift store. Adding a sweatshirt/sweater to my list of things to look for!

Ombre sweter

Hey DIY lovers, check out this post that consists of 10 DIY Sweater Makeovers. These 10 DIY ideas will inspire you to turn your old sweater into a new one.

Revamp Old T-shirt into Love-ly One

I want this so bad! You can either wear an under shirt of any color, or sew a color under the ripped heart. The shirt also has a slouched shoulder, so i prefer a tank top instead of sewing under the heart.