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Lydia Buxton, Perceived, 2014. Photo Credit Eliot Wright

The Gardens We Carry 2014 - lydi of the valley

Lydia Buxton, Piece, 2013

Avosetta Tea Vessel - Metal Arts Guild of Canada

Avosetta Tea Vessel, 2013  Lydia Buxton

Osmia Avosetta 2013 - lydi of the valley

I’ll carry them forever, 2014. Lydia Buxton

I’ll carry them forever, Lydia Buxton

Stitched, [detail] 2011  Lydia Buxton

Osmia Avosetta Collection by Lydia Buxton, via Behance

Are We Changed by What We Remember? 2014, Lydia Buxton

Are We Changed by What We Remember?

One of a Kind - Jade Tower Ring designed/made by Lydia Buxton

Entirely hand fabricated, this sterling silver ring has a faint polka dot texture around the perimeter of the base of the setting and features a.