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cold war political cartoons | Political cartoon of US vs USSR

cold war political cartoons U. vs USSR, this cartoon represents how the U. was fighting the USSR

This propaganda demonstrates how America would be like if America was under communism.

Examples of american cold-war propaganda

Anti-communist propaganda in a 1947 comic book published by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society warning of "the dangers of a Communist takeover".

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Cold War Comic Books

American Cold War propaganda using the threat of violence with an "Atomic War" as a reason to strengthen America

Cold War Propaganda.....when you compare the two, it seems the us gov smothered us with prop way worse than moscow...besides, is this pamphlet "informative"?  stop, drop, roll, and then reasemble your disintegrated corpse?

hope/fear: big mushroom cloud poster "you can protect yourself." We had lessons in school about what to do

Your Family Survival Plan, 1963

Your Family Survival Plan, 1963 - cold war bomb shelter. Chilling reminder of yet another unstable political era. I have a bunch of these also. Still valid info and I used these in my home prep classes during the

Is your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?....... and all this time I was worried about germs.....

15 Interesting Cold War Vintage Ads - war advertising, war ads

Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks? (Click thru for more awesome anti-communist propaganda posters.

Простейший Спутник-1 (Satellite-1 primaire) ou Spoutnik-1 était la sphère argent poli taille de basket-ball qui a été le premier satellite

Cold War paranoia and a huge technological leap. This poster is meant to look like a vintage poster for the Soviet Union's Sputnik space satellite. Poor Sputnik was "accidentally" blown up by America.