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Gabriel Teodros – Hip Hop & Science Fiction (TEDxRainier)

De La Soul To Give Away Entire Back Catalog FOR FREE

De La Soul, one of the OG groups of hip hop and responsible for many classic and golden releases, have gone further to cement their place in history by announcing they will let their entire back catalog be available for free download from 15th February 11am EST – but you will have to be quick, as it will only last 25 hours! Peep their website to download.

Grindhouse Project - Dope Fiction (Canada

Zion I - Juggernaut

Zion I boast an extensive body of work which incorporates many different styles of hip-hop, so much so that it’s hard to pinpoint one particular sound they embody; instead he duo from California take bits and pieces from sub-cultures of hip-hop and reinterpret them through their own unique angles, oozing creativity and ideas.

WIB Rap Radio - An Exclusive Interview with Atmosphere

I was very humbled to be the only person to get an interview with hip-hop group, Atmosphere last week when they came to London, Ontario. They put on an amazing concert and I was able to hang out backstage with them to record an exclusive interview. I talked to Slug about his writing process, the lack of love in hip-hop, Maya Angelou’s legacy, and the key to longevity in hip-hop.

Nas Performs Songs From 'Illmatic' at Kennedy Center!

Nas (along with a 40+ orchestra & DJ Green Lantern) performed the entire album of ‘Illmatic’, as part of his 20th anniversary release of it at the One Mic Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide festival in Washington, DC. Listening to an orchestra piece together the instrumentation in the way the beats were made is breath-taking; there’s definitely nothing like it.

WIB Rap Radio Hour - Hip-Hop Moves Outta New York

Hip-Hop was born in New York. It originated in the Bronx in 1973 and it might have stayed there if it weren't for some very popular groups. An interesting piece of hip-hop history revolves around two guys from South Africa, Clive Calder and Ralph Simon. Together they formed Zomba Music Group. They moved to London, England and founded Jive Records in 1978. They also opened a New York office and took a chance with rap music. They signed a group named Whodini....

Gabriel Teodros, who made many music connections as a youth at #LHPAI.

The late J Dilla has become a symbol for hip-hop artists around the globe, a beacon of creativity, authenticity and hard work. Dilla showed the world that the MPC 3000 was much more than a sampling machine–in Dilla’s hands the MPC became a powerful tool of precision where he created countless masterpieces....