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The secret to Veselka's perfect matzo balls!  I might be partial because I shot this story...

Veselka Bowery's Executive Chef Michael Sullivan makes a matzo ball soup that would make any Bubbie swoon.

I absolutely love Matzo Ball soup....Reminds me of the old Sears Tower Levy restaurant days....Very nourishing....

KFP Rabbi's Wife Matzo Ball Soup

I absolutely love Matzo Ball soup.Reminds me of the old Sears Tower Levy restaurant days.Very nourishing.

Thirty minutes' prep time is all that's needed for a glorious pot of steaming matzo ball soup. This recipe includes a chicken leg for maximum flavor. Make a large batch to reheat for a quick lunch or supper.

Our 17 Best Passover Seder Recipes

Matzo Ball Soup/This recipe comes from Marge Edelman of Copaigue, New York. You can shape the matzo balls up to one day ahead (skip step 3 of the recipe until ready to proceed); keep covered in the refrigerator.

Let's set the record straight: the secret to great matzo ball soup is not the matzo balls (though these are light and fluffy and delicious, flavored with schmaltz, or chicken fat, as is traditional) but the broth. The homemade broth in this rendition is made from roasted chicken wings and is rich but clear, tasting first of chicken and second of sweet aromatic vegetables. Much of the work can be done in advance, but if you want to make and serve the soup on the same day, begin cooking about…

Classic Matzo Ball Soup

Passover Breakfast Recipe: Apricot and Pistachio Matzo Granola - Foodista.com

Passover Breakfast Recipe: Apricot and Pistachio Matzo Granola

This Passover matzo granola recipe bakes matzo pieces and pistachios in a buttery maple glaze before tossing them with dried apricots and raisins.

Matzoh 'Crack from Serious Eats (http://punchfork.com/recipe/Matzoh-Crack-Serious-Eats)

Matzo 'Crack'

A twist on the saltine cracker candy, Matzoh Crack offers a great dessert base to get creative with flavors.

Matzo ball soup by Joyce Goldstein from Fine Cooking Magazine, April 2001

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Kosher Recipes // Apple Cinnamon Matzo Brei Recipe:

Apple Cinnamon Matzo Brei

Apple Cinnamon Matzo Brei - Drizzle this with honey for a wonderful breakfast treat. Perfect for a Passover breakfast.

Matzoh ball soup

Matzo Ball Soup

My all-time favourite jewish food item.so difficult to make, but so worth it jewish-cooking-for-my-bubeles

Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack

Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack

If you like Heath Bars, you’ll love this Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack with a crispy, flaky cracker layer topped with buttery toffee, melted chocolate, pecans and sea salt!

Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup - Non-gebrokst using yehuda gluten free matzo meal

These much-loved dumplings, made from ground unleavened matzo cracker, are a favorite during Passover. Chicken thighs and drumsticks flavor the broth but aren't included in the soup. Use them to make chicken salad later.

Learn to make tender, fluffy Saffron Matzo Balls with an exotic flavor and gorgeous color, perfect for the holidays. Kosher for Pesach, Meat.

Saffron matzo balls are colorful and delicious! One of 23 Delicious Vegetarian Hanukkah Recipes

Saffron Chicken Broth with Spinach Matzo Balls recipe | Epicurious.com

Saffron Chicken Broth with Spinach Matzo Balls

saffron chicken broth with spinach matzo balls. One of the best matzo ball soups EVER!