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This season take time to seek hope in the unexpected places. Challenge yourself to find hope as you acknowledge The Hope, Christ Jesus.

Are you looking for the best Glow In The Dark Youth Camp Games? Christian Camp Pro has put together a list of the 13 best glow in the dark games.

My son had concluded that his self-worth was inextricably tied to his achievements as a basketball player. If he was a good basketball player, then he mattered. If he wasn't a good player, he didn't matter. A bad game was more than a bad game; it was a direct assault on his identity.

Get to Church on Time? Is there a more frenzied family time than Sunday mornings? Breakfast to serve, Bibles to grab, belts and shoes to find. The ensuing bedlam can cause heated exchanges and sibling conflict, squelching a calm start to a morning of worship.

Defining Prince Charming When my daughter Matti turned 10, I noticed her interest in boys was changing. She had always had friends who were boys, but now she seemed to tense up a little when they were around. I wanted to establish a positive rapport with her about relationships with boys now in hopes that she'd continue sharing her thoughts and feelings with me when she was a teen.

Water Piñatas! Great for a hot day! A waterproof prize in each. FUN!!

Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come! this may change my life!

Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas

Shaving cream over a shower cap and then throw Cheetos on top--whoever catches the most, wins. LOL A MUST DO!!!