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The Kite Patch repels mosquitoes for up to 48 hours

Goodbye, Bug Spray. Hello, Bug Patch!

This little patch acts like an invisibility cloak to mosquitoes. Kite Patch uses powerful, non-toxic compounds that are FDA approved for harmless human contact. No more toxic sprays or lotions, and no more silly, ineffective ingredients that don’t work.

How to make beautiful glass eyes for your dolls - YouTube

An Internat'l team of Researchers has created the First Telescoping Contact Lens::A lens that, when equipped, gives you the power to zoom your vision almost three times normal. The First-ever example of a Bionic Eye.

Want to take the power back from your, uh, power bill, but too lazy to manually turn off the electricity hogs in your crib? Pick up some MeterPlugs -- new Bluetooth-enabled adapters that not only measure how much whatever they're plugged into is costing in dollars via a dedicated smartphone app, but can also be programmed to cut power from the wall when you walk away (assuming you're with your phone) or it reaches a pre-selected "running cost".

A power plug that can remotely manage all your appliances

Meter Plug monitors actual energy use, even for items not being used but plugged in.

Paradise Desk - Everything you've ever wanted in a desk! by David Wrobel — Kickstarter

David Wrobel is raising funds for Paradise Desk - Everything you've ever wanted in a desk! on Kickstarter! The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts who want a premium desk.

LED Project Terrain For Your Bicycle with Lumigrids

lumigrids led lights bicycle Concept LED Light Lets You Pilot Bicycle Like A Fighter Plane others

Stick n Find....always losing keys, remote, etc. There's an app for that....Just don't lose your phone

Stick-N-Find Stickers let you find lost things on your list that's always losing stuff? Stick-N-Find Stickers let you find lost things using bluetooth!

The Zcan Wireless device is a mouse that functions as a small, wireless scanner.

A Mouse That Doubles As A Wireless Scanner? Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown

Master Lock 1500eDBX dialSpeed™ Intro

The dialSpeed™ is the most advanced, easy to use, electronic portable combination lock ever.