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hardcoretangled: “ She looks SO different as a brunette LOL gotta love the hair change. ” But at the same time, her face always looks exactly the same to me, no matter what color is around it. I think...

Which Modern Disney Princess are you?

Tangled. I love Frozen, but I think Tangled will always be my favorite.

I'm so gonna make this my screen saver or make it into a phone case

Maybe I'll put the flower on my library ceiling. Or just a disney mural.

Rapunzel in blue Lisa Keene | Digital Rapunzel wearing a short-sleeved, light blue dress.

What Disney Film Best Describes Your Relationship Status?

A tribute to all your favorite Disney movies and all the ones that you grew up with. Feel free to submit anything Disney related including park visits, memorabilia, videos & artwork. None of the images seen below are mine unless stated.

tinkeperi: “Disney’s Tangled:) ”

Color symbolism in Tangled// This is so cool! It makes total sense! Disney never ceases to amaze me!