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I swear my Tupperware lids and single socks are chillin somewhere & laughing at me. (Along with my debit card and about 30 single earrings!

I do not know why this is funny. Is my brain planning something before I do it…| Am I the only one that realizes this is actually a quote from the Marvel Fandom and not just a funny saying...

Alright u go in tht store and get everything they have and if the cops show u p ur deaf and i cant speak english and if it dont work well b setting n jail beside each other saying tht was fun

Haha, glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.

I feel like this when I go to Target for one specific thing and they don't have it. I feel like every cashier is looking at me wondering if I am feeling ok or if I had some kind of head injury.

Alsso dont likkee it tht azzholz havint taut thuur kidz abowt holle wordz, EYe kontak, pleez & thannk yuur.    Ignorance is really not bliss....when these are the kids that will be deciding which nursing home to put you in...

I hate stupid people. GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you' re shit. Well played sir, well played I hate stupid people GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and you' re Well played sir well

notes sine die

Funny pictures about You never know what you have. Oh, and cool pics about You never know what you have. Also, You never know what you have photos.

Hearing laughter is funny....Money Pit comes to mind....Tom Hanks....priceless!

this is so true around my husband. I always laugh harder at him laughing than I do at what was funny to begin with. I love him!

If you only knew how true this is to my life...

I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spider's web. Definitely Fall is is the air.spiders are everywhere!

LOL this is true!! @Tanya Knyazeva Knyazeva Knyazeva Knyazeva Collins this was Holden while we were at the coast!! haha

Rocking a baby to sleep is actually a lot less like a Johnson & Johnson commercial and a lot more like wrestling a 20 lb bag of snakes. (SO true!

krispy kreme

Life philosophy according to Krispy Kreme. Awesome ad campaign, and excellent advice about everything in life.the key is balance, moderation, self-control, and common sense. The reality is that everyone just needs and deserves donut once in a while!