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Detienen A 11 Personas Implicadas En El Linchamiento Y Muerte De Una Joven En Kabul

A mob of angry men said a mentally ill woman who they said burned a Quran in a mosque had to die for ‘honor.

Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India  Said to be the most visited building in the world.

Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India. Built in the temple is a Bahai house of worship. The building has a nine sided circular shape, as required by Bahai faith. The architect of the temple is Iranian-American Fariborz Sahba.

Saviours' Day 2014 - The Nation of Islam

Watch Nation of Islam Live Webcast streams including the live weekly program every Sunday morning at Central Time plus on-demand archives.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York | PicadoTur - Consultoria em Viagens | Quer viajar? Procure a PICADOTUR! |

Patrick's Cathedral, New York. One of my favorite parts of the Catholic Church is that it's universal! Excited to attend mass here!

Cereal box scenery - complete with templates! Cut out and let the kids decorate! How neat is this! What a great way to recycle!

Cereal box scenery

Cereal box scenery - complete with templates, Cut out and let the kids decorate! What a great way to recycle!

Purple entrance

Mes coups de coeur déco de la semaine en images !

Market day in Djenne, Mali (by sara y tzunky).  Book tickets to Mail>> http://www.travelstart.co.za/lp/bamako/flights

A market outside The Great Mud Mosque of Djenné. Timbuktu Mali, one of the greatest cities of antiquity. This was a center of scholarship, and a trade hub with access to the Niger River, and across the Sahara to Morocco.

Bodies on the floor of a mosque in Sanaa. 20 March 2015

IS claims Yemen mosque bombings

Worms Cathedral, Germany~ the original building consecrated in 1110. The remainder was mostly finished by 1181, but the west choir and the vaulting were built in the 13th century, the elaborate south portal was added in the 14th century, and the central dome has been rebuilt.

Peter Cathedral of Worms - Worms Cathedral (known variously in German as the Dom, Kaiserdom, Wormser Dom or Dom St. Peter) is one of the finest examples of High Romanesque architecture in Germany.

THE IPATIEV MONASTERY, KOSTROMA ~ the Monastery built ca 1330 where Mikhail Romanov was announced to be the first Tzar from The Romanovs in March 13, 1613.

The Ipatiev Monastery, Kostroma was the Monastery built ca 1330 whereMikhail-Michael I Fyodorovich Romanov Russia was announced to be the Tsar from The Romanov's on 13 Mar By unknown Photographer.

For the little builder, here's a great craft for Eid. A silhouette of a mosque from cereal boxes or card boards. People are so creative! Free template on website. - Bajou Studio

Cereal box scenery

Cardboard scenery templates (great use for those cereal + package boxes in your craft box) Jerusalem or Bethany or …other Bible places from lessons

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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 31 Pics

Texas Mayor Doubles Down on Islamists Who Want Sharia in Irving: “I’m Not Going to be Bullied”-LOVE THIS MAYOR-PRAY FOR HER SAFETY!!

Texas Mayor, Beth Van Duyne, Doubles Down on Islamist's Who Want Sharia in Irving: “I’m Not Going to be Bullied” !

Bill Weir takes you on a journey through India – and explores what the future might have in store for one of the last true wonders of the world. The Taj Majal photographed by Philip Bloom for CNN’s new series The Wonder List with Bill Weir -  Sundays at 10pm ET on CNN, starting March 1, 2015

CNN's Bill Weir tells the stories of extraordinary people, places, cultures and creatures at a crossroads.