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Funny Movies Ecard: Pinterest says it could not fetch pin. Pinterest, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen!

There is always time for a Mean Girls reference. You gotta love Mean Girls references!

the Pinterest conspiracy

Seth ® Broadfield ™ on

Jokes on them since we prob pin stuff more than we do stuff!

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.


Imagine if Princess Ariel had her own episode of Hoaders. 'Look at this stuff isn't it neat?' No bitch. You have OCD and this is all trash. Love Ariel, but thought this was too funny to pass up.

...Or pouring a bowl of cereal to find that there is no milk left. Those kind of things ruin days. hahah.

This Literally happens everyday at my house! Funny Family Ecard: Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like waking up to disappointment for breakfast.this is sooooo my family!

LOL, I love ecards

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!

These bitches on Pinterest can do anything with a t-shirt. Before: plain crew neck T. After: ball gown for Cinderfuckingrella.

"a ball gown for cinderfuckingrella!" hahah so true.

Nerd Jokes

" "Well, potassium to you, too. I freakin' hate being text 'K'.

He Will Never Have a Girlfriend

before/after pics. will they or won't they grow up to have girlfriends? HAHA Dying over Neville, (holy hotness) George Clooney (um yesss), Mario LOL, and Justin Bieber!

For fuck sakes Pinterest. Tell me when I've already pinned something. | Workplace Ecard |

hahah yesss please!

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Perks of dating me

Perks of dating me

Adult humor. Funny ecard. Parenting humor.

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How about you? hahahahahahahah

I hate when people are at your house & ask "do you have a bathroom?" - no, we shit in the yard.

My mom said to me "guess whose doing the dishes tonight?I hit that Soulja Boy and said "YOUUUUUU!

this is funny. (if you want to be slapped, that is.)