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There is nothing fluffy or New agey about the Goddess. She is like the oldest Tree on Earth, the most Ancient Breath of Life, the most Brilliant Light of the Infinite, Deepest Womb of Creation. quoted from The Return of The Divine Feminine page

As três deusas ou Moiras: donzela, mãe e anciã. Além disso, na mitologia grega, Clotho gira a linha da vida, Lachesis mede o fio da vida, e Atropos corta o fio da vida.

The Three Goddesses or Fates: maiden, mother, and crone. Also, in Greek mythology, Clotho spins the thread of life; Lachesis measures the thread of life; and Atropos cuts the thread of life.

Beautiful Art

Magic lantern ~ smoke-to-hummingbird, Silicon Valley, California

Antonio Javier Caparo 2

Behold! Fantasy art from Antonio Javier Caparo - steampunky and surreal

Full Steam Ahead by Antonio Caparo. From a series of promotional steampunk posters. Steampunk girl with jet pack flying.

Zac Retz @zacretz #apaintingeveryda...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by Zac Retz (@zacretz)

★ cool photograph ^^

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. This shows that magic is in your hands no matter what. (Galaxy in hands)