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What Your Twitter Activity Says About Your Business

What Your Twitter Activity Says About Your Business

Use video to expand your world, to show how you do things, introduce others to your interests

How Online Video Can Grow Your Business and Your Brand : Social Media Examiner

42 Things to Share on Twitter to Get More Valuable Followers #Infographic

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Social media and branding is so personal! Customers crave to know more about the people/person behind the brand.

Customer engagement that goes beyond likes and shares for social media marketing. #infographic

Customer Engagement Tactics That Go Beyond Tweets & Shares

Here is a practical infographic that describes the steps we can take to improve our LinkedIn profiles.

How To Use Linkedin For Business [infographic]

How to Use Linkedin for Business:LinkedIn holds a lot of value to marketers as a business focused on as it gives the opportunity to connect with potential clients and partners.

Acknowledge and reward loyal customers, brand advocates----- Using Twitter for better customer engagement

7 Tips For Using Twitter for Better Customer Engagement

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Top 7 Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter infographic

How To Blog And Make Money

Top 7 Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter infographic

These are some social media interaction tips for brands by Dells. Interacting with social media can be irritating when one lacks of self awareness and common sense. So this little chart provides loads of common sense to "social media experts". After all, it is about about good customer relationship management, regardless of the platforms engaged in.

10 Top Tips on Social Media By.......Dell

10 social media tips when commenting and responding to customers online. Take a look at almost any survey about social media and how businesses use it, there’s one clear constant – not only is business use increasing, but also the need for helping busi