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Happy Birthday in cat.
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This summer, give her the gift of gorgeously smooth skin with the Braun Silk-Épil 5! Whether it’s your anniversary with your wife or your sister’s birthday, this is the perfect thoughtful yet practical present to celebrate her with. Thanks to the anti-slip grip, cordless technology, and top-rated reviews, you can be sure that this grooming product is one worthy of her.
It's just in a cat's nature to hunt. They're not necessarily doing it for fun, it's just how they were when they used to be wild creatures, and it's just part of their nature now.
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A Purrfect Meowtain…
The days of premature hearing loss are coming to an end. With recent leaps in technology, hearing aids are becoming more discreet and affordable than ever to people across the UK. Struggling to hear in loud environments? Or maybe just to catch the odd word in a quiet conversation? Many people feel embarrassment about hearing loss, however it’s far more common than you think.
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