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2018 Transformation process almost complete #AIR

You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, & come back stronger than ever! Are you a strong woman?

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Communication via Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what other people mean. [grammar, speaking, communicating via Technology device]

Think about it.

It's often all too difficult to explain ourselves, as the vast ends to our minds can hardly be put into words to ourself, so how can we be expected to enlighten others of such? What they understand, seems to be all they get.

Divinely Inspired

Divinely Inspired

Yea... I'm getting that now

Quotes about letting go Holding on is to believe that you have a past but when you let go then it means that there is a future. People believe that holding on can make them strong but sometimes, yo…

Like always <3

Like always <3

I don't necessarily agree with the part that if goodbyes are painful, we might be making a mistake . I think if goodbyes are painful, it means what we had was something beautiful and worthwhile.