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Elephant Shower by UniquePhotoArts

I think that I will still be like this in a few years. I literally sit on my computer all day.

I haven't even wrote the date yet this year, but I know this will happen

How can lawyers argue without crying? I'm a laywer and let me tell you, it gets like really close dude

Well, the reason this guy fails the exam won't be the professor's lectures. You're paying for an education--pay attention.

In Kohls. For 20 minutes. Woithoiut a phone. And when I finally found her she wasn't even looking for me!

Morning people - WTF fun fact

" I like clingy people. I would rather have someone who blows up my phone and shows that they care than someone who texts back 10 hours later."

I wish, it's more like "2016 only every time something bad happens it gets slower"

"You're not like the other girls," sexism, feminism