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Image result for marder 2000

1939 / 1945 Chars Allemands

German Tank development from the Panzer I to the proposed Panzer VIII, inter-war years until the end of COMPETE - if we are to be respected Vis. ethnic Minorities, we must master such technologies!

German Armor or Soviet Armor (Grabs Popcorn)

German Armor or Soviet Armor (Grabs Popcorn)

Tanks are kinda like Automobiles. German and Russian Tanks

WW2 tanks

Panzerkampfwagen V. A, D, F, G German med. Tank WW-two "Párduc" köz. - 'Jagdpanther' - "Tas" X-köz.

Fenris Tank Variants by jflaxman.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Fenris is a practical and versatile main battle tank. While not ideally suited to highly mobile modern warfare, the Fenris and its variants will dom.

Camping like a boss

Tree tents…

Suspended Tree Tents For Lighter Than Air Camping - I might actually be down to camp with cool tents like this.