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"10x23 Brother's Keeper / 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much [gifset] - Soulless!Sam and Mark of Cain!Dean: When People Start to Become Little More Than Collateral Damage and Neither of Them Truly Cares about What That Says about Them" [gifset]

I really liked the parallel with these scenes, soulless sam lacked the capacity to care and we see the mark of cain taking this empathy away from dean as he becomes more and more demonic

Yea well

Yea well

11x20 Don't Call Me Shurley // Chuck: Helped them? I've saved them. I've rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember. Look where that got me.

I say both interpretations are correct bc Cas is a Winchester, and by rebuilding him he saved Cas and Sam and Dean bc we all know they'd both be lost (especially Dean) without their fallen angel.

I would eat the crap outta that burger... (11x12 Don't You Forget About Me)

I would eat the crap outta that burger. Don't You Forget About Me)