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funny pictures of cats

you learn to work around them. ---Like our new trick of putting Custer's kitty bed on table when we are playing a board game.

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Scottish Fold, white of the eye showing, tongue out.saucy looking little critter,huh?

So that's where Puma got their logo from... ;)

Cat + shirt = :)

Fake Puma T-Shirt. Alternate way to own a (really cheap) Puma T-Shirt. One drawback though – this shirt needs to be fed regularly to look nice and fresh ;

Pup and kit

"Puppy 'mother' in costume holding kitten 'baby'." Like millions of other kitties, this one was probably adopted. Photo by Harry W. Frees via shorpy

I'm not much of a cat person but this is funny. .

Do You Have a Persian? - 8th July 2014

20 Funny Photos Of Cats Sleeping In Awkward Positions cute animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets kitten funny pictures funny animals funny cats

I can sleep wherever I want

If I fits I sits. Sometimes they don't even have to fit to sit lol


This sink is taken! cat and kitten in sink - Funny Animal Photo