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Римский легионер, конец III века н.э. Художник Graham Sumner.

Mary Sumner --- I'm pinning this to Run Rabbit Run because I'm supporting the little lady or fella trying to hide in the right hand corner. Although foxes got to eat, let's just let this one go.

Billy the Kid´s chained gravestone in Fort Summer, resting place of famous western outlaw. New Mexico, USA

Navajo on Long Walk - The Long Walks started in January 1864. Bands of Navajo led by the Army were relocated from their traditional lands in eastern Arizona Territory and western New Mexico Territory to Fort Sumner (in an area called the Bosque Redondo or Hwéeldi by the Navajo) in the Pecos River valley. Bosque Redondo means "round forest" in the Spanish language. At least 200 died along the 450-mile (500 km) trek that took over 18 days to travel on foot.