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Marmalade Skies rose. What a pretty color.

marmalade skies rose - My all time favorite color of rose! So beautiful when bush is full of roses!

Kerry Park is a perfect place to view the skyline of Seattle, by day or night. Parking is not very fun and there are tourists aplenty but worth it. Especially if it is a very clear day because if it is, the specular Mt. Rainier graces your photo with its beauty to the right.

The Space Needle viewed from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle ~ Dan Sorensen Photography

11 animations de mariage fun et inoubliables

11 animations de mariage fun et inoubliables

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~~ The most stunning and brilliantly colored sunsets are those out in the deserts!

Top 10 walks on Skye

Top 10 walks on Skye

The 'cloudy island,' aka Isle of Skye-Scotland. Where part of my husband's family originated from. One of the most beautiful places on earth! The misty isle the top tourist place to visit in the world 2014

Flying Over The Fog - © Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Flying Over The Fog by Philippe Sainte-Laudy. The flock of birds makes this photograph but the misty layered mountains first caught my eye.

Fall Foliage Photography Idea: Look up! (fish eye lens optional)   The fact that I've probably taken at least 100 photos like this is awesome!

Instagram Challenge: Autumn -

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” VIEW THE SKY THROUGH GOLDEN LEAVES

Chaos Nebula - ✶✶✶ One's chaos is another's serenity ✶✶✶

Chaos Nebula- Made of millions of tons of dust and gas, this Nebula, barely a twinkle in our sky, is bigger than it is possible to imagine. It's all made of the same components but no two places look the same.