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Golden rectangle maybe?

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Icon Comparison Chart [Infographic] - The Wired Homeschool

25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created | Freebies

25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created

Pixflow's Hi-Tech Builder lets you create animated Sci-Fi H.U.D elements & futuristic shapes for Motion Pictures, Promotional Videos, etc. Try our FREE Starter HiTech pack (w more than 57 high quality items) or opt for our superduper powerful Quantum pack (300 HiTech items) #HUD #HUDelements #Futuristic #SciFi #Holographic #hitech #hightech #animation #motionshapes

Quantum HUD Infographic

Futuristische UI

[[ mix gundam and future interface - this would work for carving ]] Checkout UI FUTURE PACK on Behance

visual command center displayed in three different form factors

visual command center displayed in three different form factors


UI screen graphics for the Bond movie SPECTRE. Screens designed and animated at Rushes London, along with a great team of artists.

UI from Avengers Age of Ultron #UI #FUI #regime . Saving for the line chart in lower left which apparently uses overlaid thick horizontal lines to indicate segments of interest; one set of lines is in the chart, another set is in the upper and lower horizontal framing lines

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel Studio

Inspirational Showcase of UI/UX Design Presentations

Today's post showcases a bunch of designers who have produced some wonderful UI/UX design presentations.

I really like the general style and design of this UI

Fully Illustrated - The Portfolio of Michael Heald - Design - Illustration - Branding - Games Design - Photography -

2RISE - FUTURE INTERFACE by | http://uidesigninspirations.blogspot.com

thought-provoking and nice-looking, but I have no idea how the fuck it works. - FUTURE INTERFACE by

WATCH_DOGS : The Grid by Timothe Lapetite on Behance #Motion Graphics #User Interface #Design Concept

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