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Exactly. I have 2 people and i know what i say dont get around. Lmao sucks for you! I get told what you say

asweetheartbeingnaughty: “sbrat74: “asweetheartbeingnaughty: “They will! I probably just pissed someone off that will never get a chance to know me. ” Their loss asweetheartbeingnaughty” Awww, thank you, sbrat74 (((hugs)))”

#FridayFitspiration: Keep at it. It's not what you do some of the time, it's what you do MOST of the time that counts. Never give up, and you'll never fail. | Fitbie.com

Time and energy is precious. Don't waste it on those who have no intention on returning the investment.

I don't fight for my reputation because my character is more valuable. I will however get with my closest friends and family and laugh at your dumb ass.

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