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A fake and a real view of the solar eclipse... FROM SPACE!

An eclipse taken by an astronaut from the International Space Station? It’s not. "It’s actually a lovely piece of artwork done in 2009 by a [talented] Japanese artist who goes by the name A4size-ska on DeviantArt []. The bright Earth & Sun would wash out the background stars [& the Milky Way] in a picture like this." The artist did use real images of the Earth & Milky Way, just combined artistically. But not a real photo.

SO SWEET!!! Another amazing piece by the very talented and truly remarkable artist Alice Zhang

A nymph (Greek: νύμφη, nymphē) in Greek mythology and in Latin mythology is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or land form. Different from goddesses, nymphs...

The latest Tweets from Debbie Johansson (@DebbieJohansson). Writer working my way through my own slush pile. Bookworm. Nature lover. Fascinated by the paranormal. Haunted by the past. hiding in NSW, Australia

Digital Wallpaper Artwork of Yuehui Tang. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Yuehui Tang Wallpaper for fans of Fantasy Art images. 9576746

Ribbons: Yuehui Tang Dark values of yellow used on her hair and dress to make them pop off the drawing. Lighter values used for the skin; adding contrast to the darker values so that they aren't washed out and are strong together. -JGW

You Won't Believe This is a Solar Eclipse - TechEBlog--"Yes, the photo above is actually of a solar eclipse, an annular solar eclipse to be exact, and not a computer-rendered scene. To capture this stunning image, photography "nethskie" used a high magnification long focus lens (70-200 mm for a 35 mm camera)."