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Saturday Morning Funnies : theBERRY

Saturday Morning Funnies : theBERRY

You're a hero

Personally I'd never do this, and am generally against this kind of thing, but I'm glad that they were able to make their mom smile

I have weird feeling that this is what my anatomy teacher has done because he sat the MOST ANNOYING PERSON right next to me.....

(and explain some random seating charts)

I lost mine months ago and have been suffering in silence

It's rough walking up in the morning.

Holy Whoa

Canada has 2 national sports lacrosse for summer and hockey for winter

Then how did he hear that question?<<<<< he probably saw her moving her mouth with a confused or angry expression

Actual Clint Barton during shield meetings

Lost all trust when it came to the remote: | 32 Things Everyone Has Done But Will Never Ever Admit

Lost all trust when it came to the remote:

32 Things Everyone Has Done But Will Never, Ever Admit

Generations of Dad Jokes

Oml I love it





Scooby Doo funny

I'd be kicked ur of the Scooby Doo gang

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This is kinda uplifting.

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this belongs here for sure

^^i had to witness this monstrosity in english class and i snorted loud enough to wake the dead

That's actually quit funny


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Eu estaria tão bem de vida... ou não... depois de tantas mortes e de vidas arruinadas, eu acho que não...

Raise you hand if you cried over a fictional character today *raises hand* (I'm not lying I really did)