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Lead a jam sesh | 24 Things Your Dachshund Can Do For You

24 things your doxie can do for you -Lead a jam sesh

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Baking Day Dachshund Of The Day...see more at PetsLady.com -The FUN site for Animal Lovers

Pick: Cute Baking Day Dachshund Of The Day

5 Things You're Doing that Drive Your Dog Crazy | Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan I LOVE CESAR AND LOVE JR

5 things you're doing that drive your dog crazy

5 Things You're Doing that Drive Your Dog Crazy Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

A paralysed dog has been put back on his feet again, raising hopes of a treatment for humans with severe spinal injuries. Henry the miniature dachshund was unable to walk after discs ruptured in his spine last November. In a pioneering treatment, scientists at Cambridge University took cells from his nose and injected them into his spine. These cells are used because they aid the growth of new nerve fibres. Now the six-year-old dog is walking and wagging his tail again.

Paralysed dog walks again after pioneering treatment that could help humans with spinal injuries

Henry began to walk and wag his tail, taking up to four steps on his own, just a month after stem cells were harvested from his nose and injected into his back to repair his injured spine.

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What Your Dog Says About You

WIENER DOG RACES The Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races take place this coming weekend. I don’t advocate dog racing but this sounds like it’s just for fun, so may the best dachshund win!

Poor little hungry Riley!!!

Ahh, the ever-hungry Doxie and the ever-present warning veterinarian (only CUP! And those pleading eyes.

Brown Weiner Dog loving! Rocking out a Party Hat

Doxie in a party hat! This cute picture reminded me of Monroe and made me smile as my birthday is just around the corner.


damnrightdoxie: Not my marriage of course, but still funny and cute dachshunds. Thanks Tarver