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I was in awe of Kevin's character on screen as I had never in my life seen a man put into that type of role. It was refreshing to see it reversed. I just found the whole movie amazing for so many different reasons.

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Studio Muti worked together with to create a series of posters for Ster-Kinekor Theaters, South Africa's leading cinema house. The illustrated vintage travel style posters feature locations from King Kong, The Shining, Avatar and The Lord of the Rings.

✂ Michele Doolan ✂ on

Thrain: Look, Thorin. Everything the light touches is our kindom. Thorin: But what about that shadowy place? Thrain: That is Mirkwood, beyond our borders. You must never go there.

The amazing thing is that this line made it from the FIRST DRAFT of Lord of the Rings- before Tolkien knew the story would be about the ring or had any of the characters other than Bilbo and Gandalf- and lasted all the way into the movie.

Daisy Poldark on

I hope A realizes how lucky he is that I don't really do chick flicks. Well, I did force him to watch Charade with me, but that hardly counts because a) it's actually very clever & funny & b) it's a murder mystery.