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artist luise valdes collected a lot of unwanted cardboard boxes for his latest installation ‘casa de karton’ or cardboard house. the project is a life-size recreation of valdes’ apartment using cardboard tape and lots of white paint.

carton paper

Cardboard House is a brilliant Paper Art Installation by Chilean Artist - Luise Valdes a.a Don Lucho. In this Installation, Luise Valdes uses Paper Art to construct a life-size apartment made completely out of paper world objects.

Cardboard favela.                                    Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/

inspiration: cardboard favela (Brazilian slum dwellings) now this is pretty cool and I may use this idea as inspiration for a canal I want to build later on :)

Fruit Bowl '128' by SEM: Made of recycled corrugated cardboard. Also available in plywood.

'Fruit bowl This fruit bowl never seems empty because you can place the fruit on different levels. Sylvie van de Loo from SEMdesign glued 128 pieces of impregnated cardboard together to create this bowl.

Σου φαίνεται για μία φυσιολογική κουζίνα; Δες καλύτερα και θα καταλάβεις γιατί δεν είναι ένα συνηθισμένο σπίτι! [photo] ~ Break Time

cardboard life - perm marker details (like Imagine conference)

Explosion de colores en el baño. Decoración. wendy gold | "the rose bowl"

Toilet Seat Art

Toilet Seat Art - Trendhunter has previously featured the cheeky bathroom scale designs by Wendy Gold. She also does amazing toilet seat art on commission.


Paper cut collages inside of toilet paper rolls illustrations by Anastassia Elias. For more info on the Anastasia Elias, visit the website.

'White Wood Village' by Eric Cremers

LiekEric - White wood village This reminds me of how the elf homes are described.

Artodyssey: Willy Verginer

Italian woodcarver Willy Verginer creates these outstanding artistic wooden sculptures. His art pieces are basically life sized and painted with a vibrant

The Egg Toilet | 14 Places You Have To Poop At Before You Die

14 Places You Have To Poop At Before You Die

The Egg Toilet - These Space Age egg-pods can be found in London’s “sketch”, which was ranked the best restaurant in the world in

rhino, cardboard, muji

rhino, cardboard, muji

Google Image Result for http://arttattler.com/Images/Asia/China/Shanghai/Shanghai%2520Gallery%2520of%2520Art/Matters%2520of%2520Faith/Palmstem.jpg

anselm kiefer - palmstern - plaster, branch, red clay in a glass and metal frame 110 x

A Textile a Day

Contrasting traditional techniques such as macrame and knot-making with unconventional materials, this project explores architectural forms and optical illusions.

the netherlands toilet I'll wait till I get home, thanks.

Toilets are something which we don't tend to think too much about, when it comes to design, or looks. However when you travel, it is likely that you will discover all kinds of strange toilets you didn't even know existed.