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Story of my life.  My imaginary life, unfortunately...

aww I'm not really that big of a doctor who fan but this is really cool. the person who wrote the comment should be an author for a book that'd be so cool<<not in the fandom, got friends that are tho, and this made my heart break

Tiger, Tigger, uncoordinated housecat, grumpy cat aka ways to describe different incarnations of the doctor

A thousand times yes Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter? Matt and David were so cheerful and funny and sweet, and then you have Peter, who's like "I HATE THE WORLD."<---yes but he's better than no more doctors and can be hilarious

doctor who

My favorite part of this is: "Matt Smith looks like a really enthusiastic Raptor that's happy to be taken for a walk." And if anyone could take a Raptor for a walk, it would have been Amy Pond :) ♥♥

The XV Doctor remembers...

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory Fanart [This is so sad. :'( ] Cause you know my heart doesn't hurt enough

Sometimes I get the feeling that Twelve forget that he isn't Eleven anymore

Sometimes I get the feeling Twelve forgets he isn't Eleven anymore. Doctor Who peter Capaldi same age


If this is true it makes me so happy. I don't necessarily ship them, but I still think this is so sweet

Who turned off the lights?

Who turned out the lights? Count your tiny shadows!

Download Tardis wallpapers to your cell phone blue doctor who

Doctor Who Timebooth wallpapers Doctor Who Timebooth stock photos