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There are all kinds of cute baby animals in this world, but baby ducks are without a doubt one of the most overlooked cuties we've ever seen. Give them the respect they deserve by checking out the most precious photos of our favorite baby animal!

5 Reasons to Want Ducks - We love our chickens, but the ducks have a special place in our heats and on the Daddykirbs Farm.

Paper Plate Duck Craft for Kids

Small Group Objective: Given instructions and materials, students will be able to have an outcome of a duck Goals: To develop fine motor skills

Silly photos of farm animals posing for cliché family portraits

Mucovy Ducks. First choice for small farms and backyards. Muscovy ducks can lay up to 195 eggs a year over a 40-week season. They'll nest three or four times during the season, hatching up to 20 ducklings a time. That leaves plenty of eggs for you, and LOTS of great meat! Poultry for small farmers: Journey to Forever