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That is pretty clear ,right? Yet people still argue their right to subdue and murder other beings,very strange indeed,

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Resources!!  41 million tons of food to produce 7 million tons of food? That's crazy! Especially when its not critical to eat it. Not to mention 50% of all water going to livestock.

world hunger: animal agriculture is not sustainable - poor use of natural resources - go share natural resources

U r eating meat

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. No one needs to exploit and harm animals for their own selfish pleasure. Anyone can go vegan. So what's stopping you?

Juice Fasting Fact #64

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What is your Personality Type? Introducing a New Series

What is your Personality Type? Introducing a New Series

Animal slave

its a fundamental right. its not about preserving a particular 'lifestyle'

Can't do spiders and snakes....nope, nada, no way, NO!

🐾💜Love all Animals - speciesism is the same as racism and other forms of discrimination!


people need to step up to the plate and prove, by avoiding anything associated with Monsanto, that quality &/or quantity of life will increase. Everything associated with Monsanto is detrimental to good health