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Pinterest: @Vindhya107 Snapchat: Vindhya107

msexplorer:  theflipsideofme777:  thekhoolhaus:  Shit happens XD  Yep.  LMAO… yep!!  Yes ….what can I do

Trust me. When I woke up today I had no plans to be this sexy. But hey, shit happens!

36 of My Favorite Silly, Crazy or Funny Quotes For the Day

36 of My Favorite Silly, Crazy or Funny Quotes For the Day

"You see, our company's motto is "Maybe it's natural, Maybe it's Maybelline!" "Maybe it's Maybelline, maybe it's PHOTOSHOP!

Easy A - the face I make just about every time I find a new food to make on Pinterest

What's Your Dominant Emotion?

One of my favourite Jess from New Girl quotes: Source And the funniest face in the film Easy A by Emma Stone - Completely kno.

funny stuff!

Try your hardest to belittle everything about me. Fix that face before tits and you.all that money & still fucking ugly.

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My Latest Discovery: How Have I Lived Without These Products?!

Ebony when she decided to tell her parents about her nightly terrors.

(The girl who seemed unbreakable broke, the girl who always laughed cried, the girl who never stop trying finally gave up. She dropped a fake smile as a tear ran down her cheek and she whispered to herself "I can't do this anymore" ~ Unknown)