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The moon is always there at night to here me. I don't have friends who really care but the moon does and it hears me. I can talk at night in my room about my feelings and everything I like dislike. I can sing to it and it won't say how terrible. The moon is there for me.

Bruno Mars - talking to the moon ~ Bruno Mars Quotes ~ thinking and wishing I could talk to you

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SFS: Everytime I hear "This Town" by Niall Horan all those memories from dancing at the river come flooding back. "If the whole world was watchin' i'd still dance with you"

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I will never forget being back east, alone in a trailer in the middle of the woods tons of snow and I went out on the porch and looked at a full moon and thought of my children so very far away. My poor kids, deserve so much better than me.

That's just how you love oh take take take it all but you never give  Grenade Bruno Mars

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"That's just how you love, oh, take take take it all but you never give." Grenade by Bruno Mars