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A recent exposé found the very opposite of the good stewardship and care of creation to which human beings are called.

Government-Funded Cruelty to Animals Under Fire From Christians

It's an Ewok!! - Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

It’s an Ewok!

play time!

when you understand why we don't eat cats and dogs, you'll realize why we shouldn't eat pigs, chickens, or any other animals.

This is a real dog. His story is real,his picture. And unfortunately his death. He wasn't mean or sick. The pound he was dumped at was full. It's probably the number one reason i see dogs put down. Please don't buy from breeders. They're making the situation worse. Adopt. Beautiful dogs like this are waiting for you.

SAVED Hi. My name was Adrian. I was a young and playful pup. They killed me on November The shelter was full and I had to go. Please people, don't buy from breeders. Save our lives instead. It is too late for me, but there are so many more.


Picdump 10.07.2015

This is what Pugs looked like in 1880 before The Kennel Club started breeding them for appearances.

The University of Montana just killed three more pigs—make them the last to die!

Urge the University of Montana to Stop Slaughtering Pigs

The University of Montana just killed three more pigs—make them the last to die!

What Years of Selective Breeding Did To Purebred Dogs Is Disturbing. #GermanShepard

So very true! The Germans created the "german shepherd" so they created the true standard.


21 Best GIFs of All Time of the Week #32


★★★HOW CAN YOU HELP ?Please read further below and to take Action, click "See more" ✦Pictured: Laboratory workers are surrounding a.