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here's to the girls just like me... Well kinda... Big macs are gross. Everything else though... Totally me!

Not at all like me but power to any girl. I wear skinny jeans and makeup, but that doesn't matter. It is my choice. Every girl is beautiful.<<< Yeah, I only wear makeup when I'm bored, I can't wear skinny jeans cause my legs are too long

Teenager Post #38438 ~ Boys who aren't afraid to tell you when they miss you are the best. ☮

OMG Once i was absent to school and my crush waited for me outside my first class and said "I missed you princess" and then kissed my cheek all in front of my friends

Just because someone desires you.... quote value desire advice quote wisdom quote

Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that the value you. Read it over.Let those words resonate in your mind. --- saving this for my daughter.

Just like a teenage girl…

Just like a teenage girl…

Funny pictures about Just like a teenage girl. Oh, and cool pics about Just like a teenage girl. Also, Just like a teenage girl.

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I'm not lying, I once puked in there because it smelled so bad. The school made me go home because they clamed I was sick even though I told them they just had to clean the bathroom and I'd be fine🙄

Most profound thing I've read all day... breaks my heart, but so true

If both parents truly support shared parenting the effort towards making that happen would be equal. Bashing the other parent or fearing the kids might like it there too much is not an equal effort. Doing what is best for the child is an equal effort.

Lol I think I might need some of that medicine!

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Minions Funny Quote Laughing is the best medicine.But if you're laughing for no reason, you may need medicine.