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Bioluminescence is a chemical process that brings certain substances to glow…

Could Bioengineered, Glowing Fish Change the Aquarium Hobby?

Could Bioengineered, Glowing Fish Change the Aquarium Hobby? - Okeanos Aquascaping - Glowing Fish Could be the Future of Custom Aquariums

Wood cells of Ilex aquifolium (holly), a tangential section, Micropolitan Museum © Wim van Egmond

Wood cells of Ilex aquifolium (holly), a tangential section, rays are visible. Part of the Collection of the Botanical Garden of the Micropolitan Museum © Wim van Egmond

Polarized Potassium Nitrate

Sample of Potassium Nitrate under polarized light. Image provided by Sarah Oros, Rochester Institute of Technology (School of Photographic Arts & Sciences), NY USA.

Basalt | by flight404

Rock Fractures by Robert Hodgin in Iceland at a cave near Dyrhólaey.

Basic Facts of Bioluminescence    Bioluminescence is the light produced by a chemical reaction that occurs in an organism.

Dubbed "the most influential bioluminescent marine organism," the Crystal Jellyfish possesses proteins that are being studied for usage in e.

Come jellyfish (it's not actually a jellyfish)

Comb Jellies consist of a mass of jelly with one layer of cells on the outside and one layer on the inside

Stardust & Wanderlust

An entry from Stardust & Wanderlust

We see it all the time, but I can never get over how beautiful the moon is set in a sky of twinkling stars. I remember how excited I was when I saw the moon through my little telescope when I was. It was just so beautiful.

Golgi complex in olfactory bulb cell

Golgi apparatus of eukaryotic cells functions in protein synthesis. I loved my molecular biology class and love this photo. Now, how to incorporate cell structure and cellular functions for my class?

Pioneer Plaque -  designed in 1971 and is 9” x 6”. Its estimated that the satellite and plaque are currently nine and half billion miles away from Earth.

The Pioneer plaques are a pair of gold-anodized aluminium plaques which were placed on board the 1972 Pioneer 10 and 1973 Pioneer 11 spacecraft, featuring a pictorial message, in case either Pioneer 10 or 11 was intercepted by extraterrestrial life.

Snowflake microphotography, by AK Donovan.

Wow! Snowflakes Under A Microscope

microscopic snow crystals imaged with electron scanning microscope (tons more at original page)

Mr. Misner's Australian Adventure!!: Australian Adventure

For Animations in lobby // These are called BIOGLYPHS, by Montana State University, who used bioluminescent bacteria to paint petri dishes, trying to “bridge science and art”.