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Dear God, please help those thatvare hurting right now. Guide them and place your arms around them to comfort them and give thrm strength.

This is me every other month, scrapbooking with friends for a few days at a lakehouse!

God grant me a Vacation to make bearable what I can't change. A friend to make it funny and the wisdom to never get my knickers in a knot because it solves nothing and makes me walk funny.

I'm trusting You Lord

God, thank you for being with me. Help me to be strong in moments i am not.help me

M'n eerste schietgebedje ooit...

"Dear Heavenly Father, bless those friends of mine who suffer in silence, never wishing to burden others. Give them Your strength to keep going. In Jesus' name, Amen.

God Did Not Promise Days Without Pain

Positive Inspirational Quotes: God didn't promise days without pain.

The Dash by Linda Ellis ...my Mom did this poem with her 6th graders the year she retired. I can't wait to read it & analyze it with my students...

Nobody cares about the expensive things you try to brag about online. What really matters, and the only thing people will remember about you when you're dead, is how you treated people and what (if any) good you did for the world.