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Caters News/The Grosby Group

The tiny arachnid is called the Happy Face after the bizarre markings it sports on its back. The cheerful creature — found in the rainforests of — is only millimetres in size, and luckily is harmless to humans.

What a Munchkin - Picture

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten :D Must have! Reminds me of my dachsie and her short legs!

The cat trap worked better than expected

The cat traps are working…

Even the BIG cats like boxes.Never met a cat yet that doesn't need to try to fit themselves in an empty box or basket.What is that?

Buzz On! Tips for Making Bees Feel Welcome : The Humane Society of the United States

How to make your yard bee-friendly. We need the bees. More than most of us are aware, We have had a significant decrease within the last years, and need to help bring them back. Please only use the pesticides that you absolutely must use.

Dogs faces

Dogs mid-shake - So, this is pretty spectacular. Some of these look almost as crazy as the "Dogs Underwater" shots. Dogs and their ridiculous faces.

loveforearth:    “Himalayan Griffon” by dhiraj gaurh

The Himalayan Vulture or Himalayan Griffon Vulture is an Old World vulture in the family Accipitridae. of Prey