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10 Maps From History That Changed the World - At no time have we been closer to nuclear disaster than when the above map was sitting on the desk of President John F. Kennedy. On it he had marked out the position of Soviet nuclear missile sites in Cuba in October, 1961.

JFK’s map of Cuba during the Missile Crisis with his own markings of the launch sites

From Cuba the arrows represent the major cities in the U.S. that are targets for the USSR missiles.

Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis: Fifty Years from the Brink of Armageddon

In October Americans were terrified over Soviet missiles in Cuba, as this newspaper map showing distances between Cuba and major North American cities demonstrates.

NASA, International Space Station Science 08/19/08 via Flickr

Hispaniola Panorama (NASA, International Space Station Science, A panoramic view of the island of Hispanola in the foreground and Cuba extending to over the horizon.

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