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Heres where JPMorgan is hiring and investing  and why its doubling down where others shy away

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase & The Fed: Billions & Trillions for Insiders

College is an expensive endeavor no matter who you are. Between tuition, food, books, partying, clothes, school supplies, living, etc. costs add up quickly. It is easy to find yourself spending a ton of money in college and all of the costs seem necessary. Through my time in college I have learned that there are a load of costs that you cannot avoid, but there are ways to keep those costs fairly low. Here are a few areas where you can be a smart spender and save some money:  Mistake 1…

How to Avoid the Expensive Mistakes People Make in College

6 ways watching the English Premier League makes you a better leader

English, Watches, Premier League, The O'jays, Leicester, Twitter, Families, Leadership, Pay Attention

Dear College Freshman: What I Wish I’d Done for My Finances | MintLife Blog

Dear College Freshman: What I Wish Id Done for My Finances

You know the importance of a college education and you want your children to be able to afford it when the time comes. So, learn how can you start helping them now!

529 College Savings Plan is a financial tool that could more than double your money for college over your child’s lifetime.

4 Little Known Tips to Help You Pay School Tuition

4 Little Known Tips to Help You Pay School Tuition Are you considering going back to school? Or did you just get your tuition bill for the new semester? Learn additional options for paying for your education.

8 Things That Are Becoming Less Affordable for the Middle Class - http://www.creditvisionary.com/8-things-that-are-becoming-less-affordable-for-the-middle-class

Many Americans are being valued out of the brand-new car market. Baseding on the Federal Field Commission, a brand-new automobile brings a typical price of

Graduates Beware: Common Advice will squash your career.

Graduates Beware: Common Advice Will Squash Your Career

The 20 fears keeping you from getting rich

The 20 fears keeping you from getting rich

11 choices rich people make that the rest of us don't

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Best Travel Credit Cards With Rewards and Perks

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6 changes I made this year that saved me hundreds of dollars

A financial planner shares her personal system for managing money

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Catch up contributions and spousal contributions are great ways to maximize the potential of your IRAs, so take full advantage of our IRA contribution tips.

Tech-Savvy People Have These 10 Things in Their Homes — Do You? - http://www.creditvisionary.com/tech-savvy-people-have-these-10-things-in-their-homes-do-you

Tech-Savvy People Have These 10 Things in Their Homes — Do You?

How to teach your kids about money when you don't use cash - http://www.creditvisionary.com/how-to-teach-your-kids-about-money-when-you-dont-use-cash

These days, several people rarely make use of any type of money to spend for things. Credit history as well as debit cards offer comfort, incentives, and also