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All I could ever think was how cozy this coat looked (compared to her other season 4 and 5 clothes which were basically rags).

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How to win being bad ass: wear your most fabulous dress, strut around in it plotting shit - OMG This caption makes it!!!

Welcome to yourethevoice, a place for everything involving the BBC's hit show, Merlin and its amazing cast. The show is over, but the fandom lives on forever. Don't be shy, submit your own graphics or...

"What is that?" "Something we need to win," Morrigan answered, her eyes upon the object in her hands as she spoke, a small smile slowly forming. "Oh yes. Queen Zira will rue the day she dared to lift a finger against us all."

She may be a little too beautiful to play Kaylein, but Kaylein has a way to appear more attractive to others than she is. Plus, Katie McGrath appears like a sort of dark beauty, which I think could resemble Kaylein in a way.

((Open rp, Morgana)) I practice the skills I learned from my father against a dummy I built. I feel a prescience nearby but I don't stop. I keep going my swings getting harder each time. I feel a hand on m shoulder and stop. I look to see....

Welcome to Fy Katie McGrath: a blog dedicated to the clever & beautiful Irish actress Katie McGrath, best known for her roles as Morgana Pendragon (Merlin), Lucy Westenra (Dracula) & Zara Young (Jurassic World).