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CAPTION THIS: Man Cuts Zipper Into His Head

Seems to me barbers and hairstylists can be very innovative and creative, especially when it comes to haircuts. Introducing the Zipper Haircut.

Hair colors and textures as well as eye color is not mutually exclusive to white people. Tf?! Y'all sound real stupid! By that logic, if you white with dark eyes and hair, you're not white or something's wrong with you. See how that makes no sense. Black is uniquely diverse except it and move on.

Hair colors and textures as well as eye color is not mutually exclusive to white people. We have eye color from green to violet my Grandmother had violet eyes they changed all the time when she passed they were blue;


Hat Hair: This guy has literal hat hair. I don't know whether to think if he's cool or if he's an idiot.

well it is certainly a statement .. umm...

Photos showcase classic 80s haircuts from the decade style forgot

Bad-Hair School Picture Straight from the Walmart Photo lab, a new album of bad & funny family photos for ya to share with friends and neighbors.

Lizard on your head - Funny haircut that looks like a chameleon sitting on guy's head as a funny ad for hair styling products.

Crown of Glory? lol Certainly different - Lizard Haircut - the up coming hair fashion

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Something for the summer.                                                                                                                                                                                 More  #Etsy #Danahm1975 #Jewelry

him: “i need a hair cut” Barber: “what you want?” Barber: “Say no more!

hahahaha I had a "boyfriend" with a forehead mustache O_o

When you have your mugshot taken, do it in style. Why not sport a very fashionable "Forehead Mustache", because one mustache simply isn't enough!