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Here's Proof That Black Lives Matter Protests Are Working

Experiment how it could become possible sharing the hottest links on productivity and technology on social media platforms. Check it here at pit stop Slacktivism is having a powerful real-world impact new research shows - Quartz

Read the letter Comey sent to FBI employees explaining his controversial decision on the Clinton email investigation

"I don't want to create a misleading impression,” Comey wrote to employees.:-! :-! :-!....ESSENCE of Comey/FBI revelations on Hillary email: "...given that we don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression." Excerpted from Washington Post J.B.Comey Letter 10/28/16

On the right is Sean Satha, who is not James Blake, and was also not stealing anything in New York City. Let me try to unravel this incompetent mess.

#ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner

Protestors In NYC Demonstrating A Die-In #ICantBreathe : Protestors Demand Justice For #EricGarner Eric Garner’s Life Will Not Be Stolen In Vain

Maria Fernandes, the woman who died while napping in her car between shifts at the three different Dunkin' Donuts sto...

You can't even imagine the suffering contained inside those well-appointed homes! Are you sick and tired of the poors getting all the attention and sympathy? Are you afraid that you might end up ...

Open Letter to White People Who Are Obsessed With Black-on-Black Crime You don’t see us obsessing over white-on-white crime, do you?

Black America’s “gaslight” nightmare: The psychological warfare being waged against Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been demonized following the unrelated murder of a police officer. Here's why

A Day of Determined Hope as Charleston Mourns 3 More

A Day of Determined Hope as Charleston Mourns 3 More -