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Magpie loves belly rubs! Show your appreciation for #pigs by giving them belly rubs at sanctuaries instead of eating them! If you can’t visit, sponsor a pig at Animal Place!

#ThrowbackThursday is Lucy who turns a year old next month. This is her first evening after being saved from an animal control agency that auctioned her to the highest bidder (despite our offer of intake). Luckily pig lovers, not pig farmers, won the bid and transported her safely home.

Pigs LOVE touch and when it gets colder, the pigs love snuggling with each other. Chester was from a pig farm that worked with a local veterinary teaching hospital. When piglets developed abscesses or hernias, they'd be sent to the hospital and fixed. Then, they'd be sent to slaughter. Sally is from a backyard butcher who raised piglets illegally in his yard. Sally broke out of her yard and was rescued by police.

#TBT to when the triplets (Magpie, Rudy, and Georgina) were itty-bitty piglets. All three were born in the same “accidental litter” on a petting zoo. Two of the piglets were sold for slaughter before an animal rescuer intervened and saved these remaining three. Two years later, they love their lives at Animal Place.

Ivan! Likes belly rubs and mugging the camera. Saved from a petting zoo. Cannot believe people eat his kind.