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Very handy chart. Must remember this when I am going through my bin of tips trying to recall which one does what.

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I've done this for several cakes. This is     honestly the best tasting, best textured fondant I have used. I will never use     Wilton again. Tastes better, super fast, and CHEAP!

Fondant is basically like edible play dough, and it allows a baker to sculpt masterpieces onto cakes and cupcakes. This Homemade Fondant recipe is an easy fondant recipe that is perfect for at-home baker.

Wedding Cakes -- check out here -- http://www.craftwed.com/10-amazing-wedding-cakes-that-will-blow-your-mind/

Wedding cake, pink, off white, lavender and silver. would be beautiful with deep purple accented wedding beautiful wedding cake!

Pasta Pie    I made my own sauce, but I'm sure store bought will do just fine, too. It came to slightly less than 1lb of rigatoni. To get the noodles all upright, tilt the dish on some thing and then work your way from the bottom side to the top. Stuff as much pasta in as you can.  Bake @ 350 for 40ish minutes

Pasta Pie

Pasta Pie in a springform pan. So much fun to make as a family! I used this recipe as a rough guideline. Used my husband's least sauce instead of the one they show here. Delicious and so pretty!