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Public relations, or more precisely media relations, can be a tricky business. The art of getting earned media coverage for a product, service or business is not as easy as it sounds. And while the degree of difficulty varies from brand to brand, the secret to securing editorial is NOT a media re

How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis : Social Media Examiner

Conventional wisdom suggests the best way to deal with online trolls is to ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls, the experts say, it’s what they want and only fuels the flames, encouraging them to continue spewing their vitriolic hatred, racist commentary and/or misogynistic babble. Yet two recent victims of online trolling talked back to their attackers with surprising results.

I especially like the point about press releases (the lazy way to blog), vague headlines, social media icons (candy coloured exit signs) and ... well, you can read it for yourself.

Social network marketing has reached a saturation point, with 88.2% of US companies using at least one of the major platforms this year. But that doesn’t mean growth is stagnating for all social venues, according to a new eMarketer forecast.