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Hey check out Gio at

The Disney Babies Blog - Great tips for having young children/babies at Disney World. Places that would appeal to them and things they might enjoy - Great for research for Caleb.

A beautiful, historic place to stay. The mineral bath and massage are heavenly. While in Hot Springs, check out the horse races. It is a blast!

The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula, 1,340 light-years from Earth, is actively making new stars. The IRAC camera peered through the dust and found a long filament of thousands of stars in their early stages. - Hey there my health conscious up a lot of "bad" carbs, e.g. processed and refined foods that are high in sugar and fat doesn't mean you have to sacrifice that occasional sweet tooth. Check out this site for a nice assortment of sugar free candies but remember...enjoy in moderation.

Hey Ladies! If you are looking for makeup and hair ideas for the New Year’s Evening party! Check these amazing looks now!!

(Hey there! Visiting from Pinterest or the / The Huffington Post feature? Welcome! Be sure to check out the blog for other awesome and simple organization posts too! And happy to say this is patent pending now!) Each week I receive a lot of organization questions. However, a topic I’m questioned about most…

Great site that features everything 'old school" about art supplies and production, including stories, retro art and more...heck, I STILL use some of this stuff from time to time!